Novopangea Realm Icons
Earth, Light, Water, Shadow, Space and Time. These elements embody the 6 living breathing realms of the new world. Will these individual tribes of life coexist and create as one or will they combust in fits of war in a quest to dominate and rule over all?

Their story has yet to be written.

Welcome to Novopangea.
The pen is now in your hands.
The characters and creatures of Novopangea
Lutefourous of Time Realm

Building It Together

Our collaborative approach gives the power of storytelling decisions back to the community to participate in determining outcomes experienced throughout an entire Novopangea entertainment ecosystem.

From NFTs to Blockchain Gaming to Digital Comics and more, our team of Writers, Artists, Animators, Designers and Developers build amazing integrated experiences alongside you.

Think of it as a modern day “choose your own adventure”.
An example of how co-creation turns into multiple pieces of media.

Experience the story in real time

We have broken down the traditional storytelling mediums and created an immersive experience like no other. Our personalized approach uses Social platforms to have a direct line both to and through the characters. This new way of storytelling will blur the lines between fantasy and

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